Wedding Photographer

At the most significant day of our life – our wedding day – we want a proper documentation. We want a professional wedding photographer to capture all the important and exciting moments of this joyful day.

We try our best to find the best wedding hall, best food, best costume – to make the best event we can. But to make it perfect, we need to find the best Photographer.

Wedding Photographer for the Religious Sector

"Weill Studio" specializes at wedding photography for the religious sector.

This sector requires a special understanding of its need, a delicate and kind attitude towards religious rites and costumes. "Weill Studio" is well accustomed to this sector of society, with year of experience under its belt is creating and editing video footage for religious weddings.

Wedding Photographer

The Best Choise for your Wedding

Natan Weill, the owner of "Weill Studio", has decades of experience in the photography world, making his first steps with a camera at the age of 12.

Since then he has done various photography project in Israel and around the world,

putting his special touch on the lives of many people.

Using a top-notch gear, he films, edits and creates unique videos that capture the most important days of people's lives.

His caring and kind attitude reliefs the couple at this stressful day and provides them with the best service.

Such an emotional moment like wedding is filled with many small moments of happiness, surrounded by one big feeling of blissful joy.

"Weill Studio" ensures that all those moment will be captured. These moment will stay with you forever, so you can relive time and time again.